Hasso Krull and Aleksander Paal

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Venue: Café Maiasmokk (see on map)
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This year, 31 January marked the 55th birthday of the poet, translator, essayist and philosopher Hasso Krull (1964). Fittingly, the book Hasso Krulli mõistatus (The Enigma of Hasso Krull, University of Tartu Press, 2019) was published with a selection of analysis published over the past 30 years on Krull’s work and its wide-ranging influence on Estonian culture. This influence is undoubtedly great and continues to grow slowly but surely. This is demonstrated by the fact that in 2019 Krull has already won the Enn Soosaar Essay Prize and the Literary Award of Tallinn University for his collection of poems Euroopa (Europe). These awards are mentioned here only because when it comes to Krull, his intellectual influence is pleasantly counterbalanced by his natural shyness. The HeadRead festival has no such qualms and welcomes the chance to listen to Krull’s mythology-themed poetry – Krull’s work is informed by Finno-Ugric, classical as well as American tradition, not to mention the fact that tradition has played an important role in Krull’s work for more than ten years. Hasso Krull will be accompanied by Aleksander Paal (1989) on saxophone.

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