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Indrek Koff (1975) and Eva Koff (1973) are a couple of Estonian writers. Despite their close relations, their creative natures are quite different. Eva Koff is mostly known as a playwright and novelist; her novel Sinine mägi (Blue Mountain, Varrak, 2017) tied for second place in the 2017 Novel competition. Eva Koff’s plays have also won plaudits: her first play Meie isa (Our Father) won the drama competition of the Estonian Theatre Agency in 2001. Indrek Koff has stood out with works of ambiguous genres, most notably his “hysterical treatise” Eestluse elujõust (On the Energy of the Estonian Essence, Härra Tee & Proua Kohvi, 2010), which takes its subject matter from common phrases and tropes of the Estonian language. He recently published a diary of random thoughts, Võimalus jääb (The Possibility Remains). True, the literary contribution of the two Koffs includes a shared part, above all their translations of French literature as well as children’s and young adult literature. At the festival, the Koffs will expand their range and perform their jointly written play Tagasi (Back) which has an unexpected perspective: the similarities between the Portuguese and Estonians. The new play is certainly not the only example of the diverse works of the Koffs which you can see for yourself on Wednesday 22 May at 4 at Ait. Their verbal and theatrical sections are complemented by music performed by Indrek Koff, who has performed as a trumpet player on several occasions, as well as Sander Udikas and the couple’s twin sons Sander and Paul Koff.

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