Mingo Rajandi and Jan Kaus

Mingo Rajandi © Dmitri Kotjuh

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Mingo Rajandi (1980) is an Estonian composer, jazz musician and double bass player. She has been a part of several groups – Ajavares, Heliotroop, and Verbarium – both as a composer and musician, and she is also the artistic director and double bass player of the Avarus Ensemble. She is increasingly interested in combining various genres of art; her most recent work, Creating Gods, which premiered at the Arvo Pärt Days last year, is an interdisciplinary stage piece that brings together music, literature and dance. Jan Kaus (1971) is a writer who has recently also taken an interest in combining different art forms. He is the initiator of the production Stiiliharjutused, based on Raymond Queneau’s work, where two writers (Indrek Koff and Jan Kaus) and two actors (Eva Koldits and Toomas Täht) put combining the expressive means of literature, drama and music into practice. Mingo Rajandi and Jan Kaus have performed together before, and now they will try to find new layers and aspects in their cross-genre interpretation.

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