Piret Päär and Meelika Hainsoo: Stories and Songs of Love

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Venue: St Nicholas' Church (see on map)
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As tradition has it, our festival often brings together songs and words. This year is no exception. Piret Päär (1963) is an expert of oral heritage, a professional storyteller, trainer, the force behind the NPO Jutumaja. The stories and storytellers she heard in her childhood attuned her ear to stories and made storytelling a matter close to her heart. She has absolute pitch when it comes to recognising great stories and storytellers. Her experience working as a teacher at the Estonian School of Drama and in theatre has provided her with an aptness for knowing the line between genuine storytelling and theatre. Meelika Hainsoo (1979) is a performer and teacher of folk songs, and a musician playing the traditional violin and talharpa. Her childhood was spent in her childhood home, a farm deep in the forest in southern Estonia, listening to her grandfather who played the kannel. Hainsoo’s memories of that music and that world have moved her to dedicate herself to folk music, particularly researching and performing traditional songs. Hainsoo is equally fascinated by archaic runo songs and more recent songs; she is particularly fond of song games.

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