Romeo and Juliet Macbeth

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
Original language: Estonian and Russian
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Jelena Skulskaya (1950) is a writer, journalist and translator, as well as one of the most prominent Russian cultural figures in Estonia. In addition to articles, essays and television appearances, Skulskaya is also working tirelessly on promoting literature. The HeadRead festival is happy to offer the stage to the theatre studio Поэтическое содружество (Poetic Society) that interprets poetry on stage, using drama and even opera. The festival programme includes Skulskaya’s musical farce Romeo and Juliet Macbeth that is based on William Shakespeare’s tragedies. The performers are students of Russian schools: Julia Kornyshenkova, Varvara Turnau, Robert Trofimov, Juri Vihterpal, Karina Oskilko, Vlad Chernishov, Kirill Kopti, Yevgeni Sushkevich, Marietta Volkova, Anastasiya Evnovich, Dmitri Sokolov and Edvard Viks. The author and producer of the play is Skulskaya, the music and original opera music is by Juri Schleifman. The vocal consultant of the play is Maria Mehala and choreography is created by Olga Privis. The play includes Russian, Estonian, English, and other languages.

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