Rustics and City Slickers in Literature

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
Original language: Estonian
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In 1927, A. H. Tammsaare wrote: “There are few people who understand or are interested in understanding that Europeanness is not achieved by aping everything that is European, instead, it is achieved by learning to think, feel and work as intensely as the Europeans have. /…/ You can be profound and intense not in things and subject matters that have been borrowed from abroad but in what is the most integral to us”. How do things stand more than 80 years later, when Estonia is facing increasing friction between trends that are open to the currents and influences from abroad and those that protect the local and advocate standing on one’s own? Where is the line between the two, how easy would it be to draw it? Where to find the common ground between being open to the world and valuing one’s backyard; is it even possible or necessary? This will be discussed by journalist and writer Janar Ala, journalist and writer Kaupo Meiel, and literary scholar Eneken Laanes.

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