The Climate, the Environment and the Written Word

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Dystopias abound on screen and in literature. Weapons of mass destruction, artificial intelligence, aliens, meteorites, viruses, zombies. Why are dystopias increasingly popular? One reason may be the fact that they hold far more fascination as stories. On the other hand, it may also be a question of credibility – we are living in a world where dystopias seem far more credible than utopias. Looking at the environment, it may be the case that we no longer need to tell stories about dystopias because we are already living in one. Question: what can the written word achieve in a situation where every day brings news of the extinction of not just species but entire regions and communities? Only recently Kaarel Tarand wrote in the Sirp weekly that when it comes to the climate demonstration of young people, Estonian media collectively took the road of belittlement. Our panel discussion will look at how to use the written word to fight the sharp increase in the average temperature of the world. The panel includes biologist Aleksei Lotman and journalist Jüri Pino, and is moderated by journalist Andrus Karnau.

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