The Effect of Technology on the Written Word

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The development of technology is so rapid and complex that delving into it separately or under another subject creates more than one dilemma. Thinking about the relationship between technology and literature also prompts several perspectives. Here are a few examples. How does technology affect the way we read and write? It is obvious that technology enables us to tell stories in an increasingly attractive and visual way; there are plenty of forms where the audience can directly influence the story, participate in it directly – where does this leave the quiet interactiveness called reading, the time-consuming effort of concentration? This begs the question: to what extent does the medium carrying the written word affect its character and specifics – does the character live the same life between the covers of a book as on various screens? More generally, is the meaning of literature undergoing a transformation? If one is to believe that the abundance of information and the modern channel of transmitting it are influencing and even altering our concentration skills, does this also influence literature and if so, in what way? The mutual effect of literature and technology is discussed by writer Eia Uus, Professor of TalTech’s School of Information Technologies Tanel Tammet, Professor of Media Innovation at Tallinn University Indrek Ibrus, and Chairman of the Board of Praxis think tank Tarmo Jüristo. The discussion is moderated by technology journalist Henrik Roonemaa.

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