Triin Soomets and Tiit Born

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Triin Soomets (1969) is an Estonian poet who has been a central figure in Estonian poetry since her debut in the collection of five authors Luulekassett ´90. Soomets has won the Juhan Liiv Poetry Prize on two occasions and the poetry award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment for her collection Asjade omadused (The Qualities of Things, Verb, 2013). In 2016, Soomets published a substantial collection of selected works Valitud omadused. Valitud luulet 1990-2015 (Selected Qualities. Selected poems 1990-2015). Her poetry is abstract and sensual, precise and expressive. It increasingly includes measured rhythms with plays on words, chains of motifs or sentences that have an earthly, yet magical effect. Soomets has recently also written short prose where she toys with techniques characteristic of fairy tales; her most recent work is Targa ja rumala jutud (Tales of Clever and Stupid, Allikaäärne, 2017). Her newest collection of poems is called Armukesed (Lovers, Tuum, 2018). Tiit Born (1974) is a musician and songwriter who, in addition to other authors, has extensively used Soomets’ poetry on both his albums Tähetüdruk (2013) and Ennustan sulle, armas (2015). Last year, Born released the collaboration album Aitäh, Kustas Kikerpuu with Ivi Raus.

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