Notes on translation

Jan Kaus The conflict of natura v. cultura is deeply ingrained in the Western way of thinking. However, language can easily be compared to nature – the variety of species is decisive in both. Similarly to nature, many species of language are endangered or extinct. Looking at the Western Baltic languages, we can see that … Continued

Crisis transforms good words into good deeds

Jan Kaus The fact that the HeadRead festival is postponed should come as no surprise. While as of now, the emergency situation declared due to the virus outbreak officially lasts until 1 May, we must assume that events are unpredictable and there is every possibility that life has not returned to normal by May. We … Continued

Love at first suaree

Louis Tarpin When you settle in Estonia as a Frenchman, a question soon arises: how will you learn that language? Confident that your mastery of two or three other languages will help you, you book a course somewhere and start studying. Then, usually about halfway through the first lesson, you clutch your head, thinking, “What … Continued

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