HeadRead on Tallinn Television

In addition to full-length recordings of events that are yet to be broadcast, the Tallinn Television also recorded several interviews at the festival. The following videos are currently available: Interviews with Erling Kagge and Merete Mazzarella Interview with Krista Kaer  

David Lagercrantz and Mari Rebane on ETV2

On 8 June at 22.00 ETV2 broadcast the conversation of David Lagercrantz and Mari Rebane that was originally held on Sunday 26 May at the Estonian Writers’ Union. You can watch the conversation again on the ETV2 website.

Julian Barnes and Jan Kaus on ETV2

On Saturday 1 June, ETV2 22 broadcast their the talk of Julian Barnes and Jan Kaus, originally held at the Estonian Writers’ Union on Saturday 25 May. It can be watched on the website of ETV2.

Thank you

The festival bustle has slowed down but the air is still full of emotions that should tide us over until the next year. Naturally, this was made possible by the contribution of many peoole and we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to them! International guests Narine Abgarjan, Julian Barnes, Mattias Berg, Inga Gaile, Philip … Continued

HeadRead talks on ETV2

The first to be broadcast on the ETV2 channel on Saturday 1 June at 10 pm EEST is the talk of Julian Barnes and Jan Kaus, which originally took place on Saturday 25 May at the Estonian Writers’ Union. The talk of David Lagercrantz and Mari Rebane (originally held on Sunday 26 May) will be shown … Continued

Fifth day of the festival in images

This year’s festival has drawn to a close. The last day – and all other previous days – can be relived through Dmitri Kotjuh’s wonderful photos. Additionally, the recordings of ERR will soon be broadcast – more information to follow in a new post.

Third festival day in photos

Here is another charming batch from Dmitri Kotjuh’s camera. Today is also the last day you can visit his photo exhibition at the Design and Architecture Gallery. We cannot recommend it enough!

First and second day of the festival in pictures

Although the unfortunately timed maintenance of Flickr has somewhat prolonged the wait for this year’s photographic pleasure, we are now happy to show Dmitri Kotjuh’s brilliant images from the first two festival days. You are also warmly recommended to visit the Design and Architecture Gallery – the exhibition of Dmitri Kotjuh’s portraits from previous festivals … Continued

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