Estonian Literature Day

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On 30 January this year, the Estonian Literature Day is celebrated for the first time with many events across the country and in Estonian communities abroad. It is also a good opportunity to recommend some English-language resources for getting to know and staying up to date with Estonian literature.

  • The Estonian Literature Centre has extensive information on Estonian authors with profiles, translated excerpts and more. You can get a taste from this series of short portrait films on Estonian authors as seen by their French translators and publishers (with English subtitles). The films have been directed by Marianne Kõrver and produced by Ilvi Liive-Roosipuu.
  • Estonian Literary Magazine – a biannual magazine that introduces past and present Estonian writers and poets and their works, reflects and discusses Estonian literature, and reviews new books.
  • No More Amber – a new yearly magazine presenting the literature of the Baltic countries.
  • Estonian Children’s Literature Centre – a treasure trove of Estonian children’s authors and illustrators.
  • Estonian Writers’ Union – professional association of Estonian authors, translators and critics.
  • Estonian Literary Museum – research and memory institution that also manages archives of cultural history and folklore and collections of Estonian national information and old books.


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