Timeless Texts in Temporal Theatre

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
Original language: Estonian
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It is clear that literature and theatre are very close to each other. Drama, one of the three central forms of literature, is meant to be on stage rather than between the covers of a book. While the success of post-dramatic theatre has changed and sometimes loosened the boundaries between literature and stagecraft, these connections will never be severed. Moreover – the great difference between literary forms in terms of their adaptability to the stage continues to fade; novels and stories are dramatised just as successfully as plays. Poetry, too, is moving with increasing ease between literary and performative forms, its live interpretations have found all kinds of expressions, starting to move back to its roots in at least some part. The HeadRead literary festival wishes to take part in this circulation, which is why for years now, we have offered actors a chance to perform their literary favourites at the festival, to give some written text a momentary and unique interpretation. This time, the lineup comprises actor Katariina Tamm (1989), actor and producer Eva Koldits (1977), and producer, actor and creative director of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences, Mirko Rajas (1988).

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