Annette Bjergfeldt and René Tendermann

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Conversation with writer
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Annette Bjergfeldt

Annette Bjergfeldt (1961) is a Danish musician and writer. Bjergfeldt is a renowned folk singer in her native Denmark; she has released six albums and has been nominated for two Grammys and more than ten Danish Music Awards. She also connects her music with social activism, for example, performing in prisons and to children with special needs. Bjergfeldt made her fiction debut in 2020 with Højsangen fra Palermovej, which immediately attracted attention. It is a colourful and happy, yet sad story of three generations of an art-loving family, with grandfather Hannibal at one end, who in 1921 buys a house on a Danish island, on a road called Palermo, hoping to fill it with opera music and bohemian life, and his grandchildren at the other, aspiring artists and twins Esther and Olga and their older sister Filippa, who dreams about becoming an astronaut. The novel’s background is provided by 20th-century European history and in the foreground, an endless love for art and music unfolds. In addition to the novel, Bjergfeldt published an unusually handbook in 2005, Kogebog For Sangskrivere (A Cookbook for Songwriters) and in the 2010s, she published three children’s books.

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