Anthony Horowitz and Jason Goodwin

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Anthony Horowitz

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Anthony Horowitz (1955) is a British author and screenwriter. Listing his achievements is quite a task, as even in Estonia there are hardly any lovers of culture who have not come across his works. Horowitz made a name for himself as a screenwriter in the 1990s, when he adapted three novels and nine stories based on Hercule Poirot, one of the most famous characters of Agatha Christie, for a television series of the same name (yes, the one starring David Suchet). From 1997, he began writing the cozy and ominous parallel world of Midsomer Murders. In the new millennium, he was met with praise as the creator and screenwriter of yet another successful TV show, Foyle’s War. The series centres on the life and struggles of Christopher Foyle, a detective in Sussex during and after the Second World War. In addition to his successful screenwriting career, Horowitz is also an acclaimed children’s author and science fiction and crime writer. His works include keeping the tradition of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle alive, and Estonian readers can enjoy his novel The House of Silk (2011), where Watson recalls a horrific story he and Holmes had to solve. An impressive number of works by Horowitz is available in Estonian, including his two volumes of horror stories Horowitz Horrors. The most recent translation, Magpie Murders, is an exciting mystery and a literary game, as the plot is set in motion by the unfinished manuscript – and unfinished life – of an extremely popular crime writer.


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