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Davide Cali © Dmitri Kotjuh
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Venue: RaRa (see on map)
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  • Exhibition
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It is rather difficult to imagine the festival without Dmitri Kotjuh’s photos. Marking ten years of our cooperation, we can look back on the wonderful moments he has recorded with his characteristic twist. His pictures also exude warmth, perfectly matching the atmosphere and spirit of the festival. We also cannot fail to mention many authors have asked to use his portraits as their promotional photos. The authors he has captured include Andrus Kivirähk, Kai Aareleid, Tiit Aleksejev, Kristiina Ehin, fs, Paul-Eerik Rummo, Margaret Atwood, Michel Faber, A. S. Byatt, Jason Goodwin, Boris Akunin, David Lagercrantz and Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

The hybrid exhibition at RaRa will remain open until 20 June.

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