Faerhstein / Siltchenko / Kotjuh: Ticket to Ride

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Venue: Kellertheatre (see on map)
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Ticket to Ride is a stage programme combining various forms of creative expression and bringing together three artistic people with different backgrounds; a writer, composer and audiovisual artist. Igor Kotjuh (1978) is a poet and translator writing in Estonian and Russian, author of five collections of poetry and a three-time winner of the Estonian Cultural Endowment award for literature in Russian. Faerhstein aka Alexander Zhedelyov is a composer, musician and producer, a long-time musical director of the Russian Drama Theatre, who has written chamber, theatre and film music and released jazz and electronic music albums. Valentin Siltchenko (1977) is a multimedia and audiovisual artist who has created both stand-alone pieces and worked with various troupes, such as the contemporary dance company Fine5. Together they have founded the lineup Faerhstein / Siltchenko / Kotjuh that explores the common ground between poetry, jazz and images of light. Ticket to Ride is their common creation, a poetic journey through cherished places in Estonia and beyond. It is a poetry evening and a concert, a show and cinema all wrapped into one. The texts are from books by Igor Kotjuh and presented in Estonian. Ticket to Ride is a Beatles song, a board game that takes its inspiration from our common need for physical and intellectual movement. The poetry based on music and light effects allows the audience to take a little journey despite any kinds of restrictions. 

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