Panel discussion on graphic novels

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Venue: Tallinn Central Library (see on map)
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  • Discussion
Original language: Estonian
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At an unaccustomed or superficial glance, one may not tell the difference between comic books and graphic novels. Yet there is a great difference, although the definition has not been set in stone. However, it can be said that the graphic novel is a format that brings together the expressive tools of comic book art and epic literature – it is a story the length of a book, presented in comic strips. While its history goes back to early 19th century, which means it has a long and established tradition in Europe and the United States by now, it is still relatively unknown in Estonia, although we can already boast with quite a few remarkable flashes. The most remarkable example is the book Between Two Sounds by illustrator, cartoonist and comic book artist Joonas Sildre (2018), depicting the life and creativity of the famous composer in the comic book format. Other notable artists include Veiko Tammjärv – he has published a two-volume graphic novel of Andrus Kivirähk’s November (the first volume was published in 2021, the second in 2022); he has also worked his magic on the legendary Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel by the Strugatsky brothers (2020). What is a graphic novel, what untapped opportunities it contains and can it affect the fate of regular novels – if yes, how? These questions and much more will be discussed at the Tallinn Central Library by publisher Igor Kaasik, artist Joonas Sildre and art critic Mari Laaniste.


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