Irish Stories and Songs

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Concert
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Seamus Ó Flatharta (Irish harp and vocals), Néillidh Ó Maolagáin (Irish bagpipes), Tomás Ó Maolagáin (flute), Fiachra Ó Maolagáin (fiddle), Seán Ó Broin (flute), Tommaí Fegan (Irish bagpipes)

The audience can meet six authentic Irish folk musicians who have deep roots in Irish heritage and who have made it their mission to carry on and present Irish culture and language. Two of them were among the Irish musicians who were the first to visit Estonia in 1988, during a pivotal era, followed by the reciprocal visit of Estonian creatives (including writers, journalists, artists, and musicians) to Ireland.

The events of that time, their impact and their reverberations today will be discussed at the Estonian Writers’ Union with music and songs.

Jaak Johanson, the informal ambassador of Irish music in Estonia, once said, “The music they are playing restores eternity in a moment!”.

The evening is moderated by musician Kärt Johanson.

The musicians will also give a separate concert in Tallinn at the Hopner House on 28 May at 18.00 and in Tartu, at the White Hall of the Museum of the University of Tartu on 30 May at 19.00.

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