Jaan Pehk and Märt Avandi

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Concert
Original language: Estonian
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Any culturally-minded Estonian knows Jaan Pehk (1975) – musician, composer, poet and actor who has no problems with becoming a one-man band from time to time. Any culturally-minded Estonian knows Märt Avandi (1981) – actor, comic, and one of the two figureheads of the legendary Tujurikkuja sketch show. However, what is not as widely known is that they recently joined creative forces – the impetus came from the fact that in addition to poetry, Pehk has increasingly begun writing prose. Inspired by fairy tales, they are surreal stories spiced up by Pehk’s characteristic absurd and at times dark humour. Avandi, having become an ardent fan of Pehk’s stories, began performing them, using his layered acting talent to illustrate the stories. The performance of the two men is gearing up to become something like this: Avandi reads a story by Pehk, people laugh, Avandi reads another story, people laugh again, as an interlude, Pehk picks up his guitar and sings, sometimes Avandi and Pehk sing together, the audience is charmed – because Pehk’s sharp humour does not exclude some heartfelt moments! 

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