Jan Kaus: Where A Thousand Roads Meet

© Dmitri Kotjuh
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Venue: KuKu Club (see on map)
Translated to: Estonian
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On Saturday 27 May, all friends of a more experimental kind of written word and live music can come to KuKu Club, which is offering a diverse selection of words and sounds. The evening is kicked off at 18.00 by Jan Kaus, who is performing excerpts from his chaotic poem on the creation and destruction of the world titled Where A Thousand Roads Meet, published a few years ago in the sci-fi journal Reaktor to universal disgust. It is a horrible linguistic sauce of a thing, a horrid pudding, a linguistic Gog-Magog, making its performer squirm, bark, baa, whine and squeeze out a few repugnant melodies. Is this the kind of Estonian literature and world history that we wanted? No, it isn’t! However, how else are you supposed to appreciate the sweet unless someone has discharged a whiff of something bitter?


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