José Luís Peixoto and Leenu Nigu

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Conversation with writer
Original language: Portuguese
Translated to: Estonian
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José Luís Peixoto

© Patrícia-Santos-Pinto

José Luís Peixoto (1974) is a Portuguese poet, prose writer and playwright. He has published seven novels, four collections of poetry and children’s books, short stories and travel writing. Peixoto’s debut novel Nenhum Olhar immediately attracted attention and recognition, including the José Saramago Literary Award. It is a picturesque and merciless, magical and naturalistic look at Portuguese village life. However, his perspective is more existential than social in nature. The novel is like purgatory in the form of a book, burning everything so only the essential remains – nothingness. Yet his world is not oppressive. In part, this is thanks to colourful characters like conjoined twins linked by their fingers, a blind prostitute, a carpenter with one arm, leg and eye, but also the devil performing wedding ceremonies and a violent giant. On the other hand, Peixoto’s ruthless world has a charming openness to it. When life throws the characters to the ground, it simultaneously brings the sky closer – be it in the form of unfulfilled wishes, the unrelenting pressure of the sun or a reflection in someone’s eyes. Pitch black darkness can be that of a night sky. José Luís Peixoto will talk to translator Leenu Nigu.

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