Literary walk around Kadriorg

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Venue: Kadriorg (see on map)
Original language: Estonian
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The concept of literary walks, one of the most popular traditions of our festival, is based on the idea that every city consists of two cities. The first is the visible space, a system of buildings and streets, while the other is invisible and indivisible, living its own life in the head of its inhabitant, a repository of meanings, memories, crossroads and departures. Every city has spots where the two cities meet. Most traces left by people disappear with them and remain invisible. They cannot be rediscovered, only imagined. However, there are people who leave traces that are deeper than those left by others, so that their lives begin affecting the visible city – these traces seep into the physical space and begin guiding people’s routes, they become a part of the visible city. This is where the walks of our festival, mostly related to literature, usually lead. 

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