Poetry Mass

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Venue: Church of the Holy Spirit (see on map)
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  • Poetry reading
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A poem can take many forms. A poem can be a beautiful lie, a noble mirage. A poem can be a song without a melody, on its way towards or away from melody, it can echo with joik, lament, or joy. A poem can be a confession without an address, a piece of sublimated hate mail, a slogan made into an ornament, a cry compressed to a whisper, laughter pressed into a fist. Or a honed reverie, the best way to connect the consciousness and the unknown. Naturally, a poem can be performed like a sermon, or a prayer – however, it does not require vestments, a pulpit or sacred texts. The longest tradition of the HeadRead festival, the poetry mass, demonstrates the various facets of poetry, as poetry is a deity that has two hundred faces instead of just two, addressed in any way you like, with a whisper or a cry. This year, the Poetry Mass is held at the Church of the Holy Spirit (Pühavaimu kirik) for the first time, and it brings together our international guests, including José Luís PeixotoDan WillsonMichael PedersenDmitri Strotsev, and many Estonian poets who have published remarkable collections recently: Triin SoometsBerit Kaschan and Martin Algus. Music is provided by Krista Citra Joonas

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