Marc Boutavant and Dumpster Dog!

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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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  • Conversation with writer
Original language: French
Translated to: Estonian
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Marc Boutavant

Marc Boutavant (1970) is a French children’s author and illustrator. He has illustrated both his works and books written by others. Little readers in Estonia know him from his cooperation with writer Colas Gutman. In 2013, the two men published Chien Pourri or Dumpster Dog! Namely, when Gutman visited Spain, he saw many dumpster dogs on the streets. Based on this experience, the character of Dumpster Dog, a thin and furry homeless dog, desperately poor and cast aside, yet naively optimistic, was born. Marc Boutavant is the one who gave him a visible form. Naturally, Dumpster Dog sees all kinds of adventures and threats in the books, both horrifying and funny – for example, in the first book, Dumpster Dog is chased by people who want to make tasty hot dogs out of dogs. Luckily you cannot eat a drawn dog! Marc Boutavant will meet his little readers at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, where he will talk to translator and publisher Leelo Märjamaa and writer and translator Indrek Koff.

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