Margus Haav and Tuulike Kivestu-Rotella

Tuulike Kivestu © Aksel Ain Agan
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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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  • Conversation with writer
Original language: Estonian
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Margus Haav

Margus Haav © Elmo Riig

Margus Haav (1969) is a cultural journalist and writer who has written three very different books. He made his fiction debut in 2016 when he published the dynamic and ominous sci-fi book, a post-apocalyptic story of survival titled Kuidas lõhnab kuri. His second book Alumiiniumist kurgid. 741 päeva kirsades (2020) offers an autobiographical look into the final years of the Soviet Union when the author was conscripted into the Red Army and thus came into direct contact with the organised chaos that spanned the entire vast Potemkin village of a country. Haav’s third book, however, is the children’s story Hundiema ühepajatoidu saladus (2023). Here, he tells funny stories of animals that he conceived when his two sons were small – as we all know, small children are craving stories just like wolves are craving hares. In addition to Mother Wolf who needs a recipe for hare stew, we can also find a snail named Sullivan and a shrewmouse named Joosep. The illustrator of Haava’s children’s book Tuulike Kivestu-Rotella (1976) made her fiction debut in May when she published her children’s book Maailma parim sünnipäev, a heartfelt story about the friendship of two lonely creatures – Mõmmi and Pardike. Haav and Kivestu-Rotella will speak about their book at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

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