Michael Pedersen, Hollie McNish, Dan Willson, Roseanne Watt

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Dan Willson

The singer-songwriter Dan Willson (1974) is known as the frontman of the Scottish band Withered Hand. He began making music relatively late in his life, after his wife had given him a guitar for his 30th birthday. Withered Hand is an indie rock band with folkish undertones and it can also be called bedroom pop. Their debut album Good News was released in 2009, and the title refers to Willson’s childhood as a Jehovah’s Witness. The critical response to the melodies and sarcastic lyrics of the band was very warm. The band’s second LP New Gods was released in 2014 and was also met with a warm reception, placing third in the renowned music critic Robert Christgau’s top albums of the year. Members of The Vaselines and Belle And Sebastian also collaborated on the album.   

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Hollie McNish

Hollie McNish (1983) is an English poet and poetry performer. She has published five collections of poetry, and her fourth collection Nobody Told Me (2016) about the physical and mental states of a young mother won the Ted Hughes Award. McNish has published the poetry album Versus (2014) as Hollie Poetry, the first poet to record her material at the famous Abbey Road Studios. McNish wrote the play Offside with the Egyptian-British writer Sabrina Mahfouz dealing with the fascinating and certainly relevant topic in the UK – women’s right to play football. In 1921, the English Football Association banned women from playing football professionally for 50 years. McNish is very active on social media and her YouTube videos have attracted a lot of attention, which is why it is no wonder she has attracted more than 4 million views on YouTube. 

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Michael Pedersen

Michael Pedersen (1984) is a Scottish poet. His debut Part-Truths (2009) won acclaim for its bold, spontaneous, almost tactless language, the simultaneously cynic and idealistic look on the world and urban life in Scotland. His latest collection, Oyster (2017), continues with his characteristically playful and honest style, offering the author’s intelligent insights and deliberations with a humorous twist. Pedersen has published four books and attracted attention with his performances – notably, his fans include Irvine Welsh and Stephen Fry. He has written lyrics for bands and short plays for the National Theatre of Scotland and the Edinburg Festival. Pedersen is also a founding member of the creative group Neu! Reekie! that has won praise for their shows. 

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Roseanne Watt

Roseanne Watt (1991) is a Scottish poet, filmmaker and musician from the Shetland Islands. Watt’s debut, the collection of poems Moder Dy, published in 2019, is a bilingual look at the rhythms and sounds of Watt’s native landscapes and waters. She combines the cultural history of Shetland and personal experience, and her use of two different languages allows her to bring together different sensibilities and points of view, the voices of timeless landscapes, the sea and the sky, fishermen ancestors on the one hand, and the voices of the contemporary world on the other hand. The collection has won many prestigious awards, including the Eric Gregory Award and the Somerset Maugham Award. Roseanne Watt is the poetry editor for Shetland’s online literary magazine The Island Review. She combines her interest in music and poetry in the bands Lukkie Minnie and Wulver, where she plays the flute and guitar and sings. As a filmmaker, she creates film poems that allow her to deal with the traditions and landscapes of her magical home.

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