Nina Wähä and Kadi-Riin Haasma

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Conversation with writer
Original language: English
Translated to: Estonian
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Nina Wähä

Nina Wähä (1979) is a Swedish actor, musician and writer. Her writing debut came in 2007 with the novel S om i syster. Wähä’s literary breakthrough came with the novel Testamente, a grand family story set far north, in Meänmaa straddling Finland and Sweden. The book has autobiographical elements and includes different points of view – Wähä initially planned to write a number of short stories but they eventually came together to form something bigger. The book tells the story of the Toimi family with 12 children, centring on how the siblings grow up and grow apart. Some children escape the iron rule of the head of the family to go to the wide world, others remain. The novel concentrates on preparations for a Christmas party, which does not bode well due to unresolved relations and the bullying father. Wähä’s novel became a favourite among critics and the wider audience alike and won praise, including the literary prize of the Swedish Radio. The book was lauded for its skilful presentation of difficult subjects with a dose of black humour. Nina Wähä will talk to translator and editor Kadi-Riin Haasma.

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