Poetry Friendship Theatre Studio presents: The Tempest

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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  • Poetry reading
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The renowned poet and essayist Jelena Skulskaja has collaborated with the festival for quite some time, showing the new stage programmes of her theatre studio, which allow her to bring together young people and the classical written word. This year is no different, and the poetry and theatre enthusiasts supervised by Skulskaja will perform the musical tragedy The Tempest. As the title indicates, the programme uses works by William Shakespeare, but also Osip Mandelstam, Marina Tsvetaeva, Joseph Brodsky and Leonid Kiselyov. In addition to Estonian, the tragedy features Russian, German, Yiddish, French and English. The use of different languages is connected to the subject matter of the programme – in many instances, the phrase “speaking different languages” refers to people’s difficulties in understanding each other. Skulskaja’s programme is set on a mysterious desert island full of challenges and dangers. In these circumstances, various essential topics emerge naturally, ranging from fear of dying to the sense of home. The programme features Nikita AnikinSergei BolshakovAnastasiya EvnovichKonstantin KissVeronika KuznetsAleksei LarinKarina OskilkoIlya PilyukovVladislav SidorenkoDmitri SokolovSofia Zhogal and Alina Trotskaya


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