Exercises in Style with Estonian literature

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Venue: Kellertheatre (see on map)
Original language: Estonian
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On Friday 26 May, Kellertheatre is welcoming everyone who loves watching and hearing the written word intertwine with music and theatre. The evening is kicked off at 18.00 by a crew comprising two actors (Eva Koldits and Toomas Täht) and two writers (Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff), who have performed on various stages for more than five years now with their stage production based on Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style. Famously, Queneau describes a fairly mundane situation in central Paris, writing 99 different versions of the event. The individuals mentioned above took the method Queneau employed in France in the 1940s to 21st-century Estonia and began experimenting with all kinds of speech and song registers that this transition allows, as a fair share of new stylistic tricks and types of communication have emerged in the meantime. Last year, writer Urmas Vadi commissioned them to perform a special programme on Estonian literature to celebrate the centenary of the Estonian Writers’ Union, and they employed the rules of Queneau’s original work to breathe new life into the classic and contemporary texts of Estonian literature, either through prose, poems or lyrics.

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