Endless summer – a Ukrainian programme

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Muses always seem to pale when faced with cannons, barrages seem to dispel them. However, life remains on a land scarred by war and with it, a need to make sense of life remains. The war in Ukraine has brought unfathomable destruction to cities, villages and lives but it is more difficult to kill a soul and destroy buildings or bodies. A soul can be transported from one place to another, from one body to another. A soul can be sustained through the bleakest of winters. Endless Summer is an attempt to make this soul tangible in words and as words for a moment. Young theatre people, actress Maarja Mõts (1997), actress Maria Ehrenberg (1998), theatre producer Priit Põldma (1994), actor Mark Erik Savi and pianist Jelena Ilnitskaya will perform Ukrainian poetry and stories of Ukrainian people what will give an insight into the lives, homes, nature and hopes, past and future of the Ukrainian people. It is about fleeing and staying. Unfortunately, also about war but equally about everything the war cannot destroy; everything that springs up and lives despite the freezing currents of the war. The title of the programme is taken from Ukrainian poet, prose writer and playwright Katerina Babkina (1985). 

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