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It is a tradition of the HeadRead festival that Wednesday has a performance by the students of the theatre school of the Old Town Educational College (Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium, VHK) under the supervision of their teacher, the actor, musician and pedagogue Tõnis Rätsep with a diverse programme that combines literature, theatre and music. The selection of the young has always been broad, covering various subjects and eras, and always offering up some surprises. This year, the programme notably features Estonian poets: you can look forward to hearing works by Juhan Liiv, Gustav Suits, Betti Alver, Artur Alliksaar, Viivi Luik, Hando Runnel, Ellen Niit, Juhan Viiding and Doris Kareva, with samples of prose by A. H. Tammsaare and other snippets from here and there, up to current best-seller lists. It seems the whole will sound like a living and breathing encyclopedia of the written word in Estonian. The lineup Anna Aurelia Kangur, Mihkel Mart Kivisild, Karl Aleksander Lilje, Jakob Lille, Sundari Lüllmann, Mark Metsa, Mirt Mägi, Aksel Ojari, Anna-Magdalena Peterson, Saara Riin Põder, Rasmus Kristofer Randla, Sandra Reigo and Oskar Suurorg


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