Thomas Erikson and Neeme Raud

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  • Conversation with writer
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Thomas Erikson

© Maria Östlin

Thomas Erikson (1965) is a Swedish behavioural scientist, one of the most in-demand coaches in the world at the moment, and allegedly the most translated living Swedish author – his world-famous Surrounded By series has been published in around sixty languages and sold eight million copies. The first was Surrounded by Idiots (2014), where Erikson attempts to point out people’s potential for much better self-analysis. Erikson has become a phenomenon in Estonia, too, where the issue of bullying in schools and workplaces is gaining prominence as a problem: last year, two books from the series were published, Surrounded by Energy Vampires and Surrounded by Narcissists. Erikson has an appealing mission: to make people know themselves better. Obviously, it is not known to which extent the popularity of self-help products and the growing number of those in need are connected – which leads to which –, yet if you have to turn to someone for help, Erikson is a pretty solid choice. Thomas Erikson will talk to journalist Neeme Raud.

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