Tuuli Velling

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Tuuli Velling

On Friday 26 May, Kellerteater is welcoming everyone interested in the combination of the written word and musical and theatrical expression. At 20.00, you can meet poet and singer Tuuli Velling, who is lauded for her ability to combine brilliant verbal and musical performances. The versatile Velling has published books of poems and released albums. She has published two books of poems Täiuslik ja turvaline (Perfect and Safe, 2010) and 6m2 (2013). Her musical output is more abundant, both as a solo artist (the album Kuus meetrit põrandapinda in 2013) and collaborating on albums by other artists, including Jäääär, Tanel Ruben and Kulgejad, most recently in 2020 as a composer, singer and pianist on the album Marsi udud by the band Elvus. More information about her diverse body of work is available on the tuuli.ee website, which is sure to spark a greater interest in experiencing her art.

Tuuli Velling – vocals
Teet Velling – guitars, Irish tin whistle
Madis Muul – keyboards
Marti Tärn – bass
Tanel Ruben – percussion
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