Bright Young Things

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  • Poetry reading
Original language: Estonian
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According to our custom, the HeadRead literary festival is keeping its finger on the pulse of the near future, offering a platform to young people who for some reason seek to express themselves through the poetic use of language. This platform attempts to bring together two somewhat contradicting forces – first, the belief that literature, which is finding it difficult to maintain its position in an increasingly visual world, makes it possible to contemplate this world with great nuance, and second, the conviction that literature does not exist in a vacuum; instead, it must adapt to changing times, which means that the role of poetic performances of the written word is gaining ground, slowly but surely. Therefore, the event offers a chance to see the classics of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, while the performers will have a proper experience of performing to audiences. This year’s lineup comprises Richard Jerbach, Katrin Kõuts, Kirke Mänd, Madar Mändoja, Mirt Mändoja, Katarina Sepp and Hella Õitspuu

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