Dan Willson

The singer-songwriter Dan Willson (1974) is known as the frontman of the Scottish band Withered Hand. He began making music relatively late in his life, after his wife had given him a guitar for his 30th birthday. Withered Hand is an indie rock band with folkish undertones and it can also be called bedroom pop. Their debut album Good News was released in 2009, and the title refers to Willson’s childhood as a Jehovah’s Witness. The critical response to the melodies and sarcastic lyrics of the band was very warm. The band’s second LP New Gods was released in 2014 and was also met with a warm reception, placing third in the renowned music critic Robert Christgau’s top albums of the year. Members of The Vaselines and Belle And Sebastian also collaborated on the album.   

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Date Event Name Location
Friday, 27 May at 20:00 Michael Pedersen, Hollie McNish, Dan Willson, Roseanne Watt Estonian Writers’ Union

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