Andrus Kivirähk

Andrus Kivirähk 23-09-2014

Andrus Kivirähk (1970) is an Estonian writer whose phenomenon in Estonian culture goes beyond the fact that his work is loved by experts as well as a wider readership; it is also his ability to create texts with a great resonance in various genres. He is one of the most influential novelists, short story writers, playwrights and children’s authors of the new millennium. Looking at Kivirähk’s contribution to children’s literature alone, his ascent began even earlier: his extremely popular Sirli, Siim ja saladused (Sirli, Siim and Secrets) was published as early as 1999. Like any good children’s book, it is also suitable for adults: not to mention the fact that in children’s author Lammas, the story features one of the most apt composite portraits of an Estonian writer. His subsequent forays into children’s literature have been equally successful. The last decade includes hits, such as Kaka ja kevad (Poo and Spring, Varrak, 2009), Karneval ja kartulisalat (Carnival and Potato Salad, Varrak, 2015), Oskar ja asjad (Oskar and the Things, 2015) and most recently Tilda ja tolmuingel (Tilda and the Dust Angel, FD Distribution, 2018), which demonstrates Kivirähk’s characteristic inventiveness – who else would think of making a literary character out of something as unpoetic as dust?

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