Anne Griffin

Anne Griffin (1969) is an Irish writer whose first published novel When All Is Said (2019) became an immediate bestseller. And it is not even a crime thriller, quite the opposite. When All Is Said is a quiet and calm book, a meditation on life, love and suffering. The protagonist, 84-year-old Maurice Hannigan, orders five drinks at a bar he likes to frequent to dedicate five different toasts to the people who meant the most to him. Looking back on his life gives Hannigan a better insight into the people and events that changed and affected him. John Banville has called Maurice Hannigan “a wonderful invention, whose bitter-sweet meditations will stay long in the reader’s mind.” and Graham Norton, one of the best-known late-night show hosts in the world, praised Anne Griffin’s novel for its “masterful storytelling”. This spring, Griffin published her second novel, Listening Still. She will talk about her novels and much more to former journalist Mari Rebane.

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Friday, 27 May at 18:00 Anne Griffin and Mari Rebane Estonian Writers’ Union

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