Bianca Maria Tricarico

Bianca Maria Tricarico (1953) is an Italian journalist and writer. Tricarico has worked in television, radio and the press over the course of thirty years. She has organised the Fantasia exhibitions of children’s literature illustrations with the renowned Italian Professor of Literature Livio Sossi. She has also cooperated with Estonian illustrator Viive Noor (1955). In 2019, they published the book Tamburopoli in Italy. It tells a story of occupiers arriving in Drum Town – inhabitants of Piano Town led by dictator Steinway who think they know better how the inhabitants of Drum Town should live and act and, most importantly, make music. One may ask, what now? Will the legacy of poor Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg be turned upside down? Or once all is lost, make way for the piano? Probably not. Using musical instruments, Tricarico and Noor can give young readers an idea about ever-relevant issues like being similar and different, civic courage and tolerance. We are seeing all too clearly that national leaders can act like school bullies. 

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Thursday, 26 May at 12:00 Bianca Maria Tricarico Estonian Children's Literature Centre

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