Dörte Hansen

Dörte Hansen (1964) is a German writer and journalist. Hailing from the small seaside town of Husum in northern Schleswig-Holstein, many of her stories explore life in the periphery of Germany and the possibility of this kind of life during changing times. Her debut novel Altes Land (2015) won the Usedom Literary Prize, and it refers to a specific picturesque region with vast orchards on the banks of the Elbe River. This is where the protagonists of her novel settle down – this way, Hansen creates a masterful juxtaposition between imagined and experienced rural life. Hansen’s native region is also clearly felt in her novel Zur See (To the Sea), set on an island with changeable weather in the North Sea. The fish have gone and the tourists have arrived – to stay, it seems. The daily lives of the extravagant island residents are disrupted by a whale who has strayed from its usual path and whom even the oldest inhabitants have not seen in a long time. Dörte Hansen will speak to Barbi Pilvre.

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Saturday, 1 June at 16:00 Dörte Hansen and Barbi Pilvre Estonian Writers’ Union

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