Emelie Schepp

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Emelie Schepp (1979) is a Swedish writer who was voted best crime writer by Swedish readers in 2016 and 2017. Schepp’s work is in line with Scandinavian crime fiction where thrilling and violent plots are linked to difficult social issues. She uses a connector common in crime fiction – a central character, in this case, a woman named Jana Berzelius. Just like her many fictional colleagues, such as Kurt Wallander and Mikael Blomkvist, Berzelius is finding it difficult to navigate human relationships. She has a fair share of communication problems and a dark past, but she is more than capable of solving heinous murders. In Marked for Life (Märkta för livet, 2014), Berzelius investigates the murder of the chief of the Norrköping Migration Office. Marked for Revenge (Vita Spår, 2015) delves into drug and human trafficking when a girl from Thailand dies because the package of drugs hidden in her stomach began to leak. Slowly We Die (Prio ett, 2016) pits Jana Berzelius and her colleagues against a mysterious mutilator. Emelie Schepp talks to Birk Rohelend, one of the most important authors of new Estonian crime fiction.

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