Jaanus Vaiksoo

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Jaanus Vaiksoo (1967) is an Estonian writer, literary scholar and lecturer. As a scholar, Vaiksoo has researched Estonian literature of the late 19th century and early 20th century. His first book, Gailit ja Nipernaadi (Gailit and Nipernaadi, Koolibri, 1995) attempts to describe the essence of August Gailit through his most famous novel Toomas Nipernaadi (1928). In 2010, Vaiksoo compiled the collection of Eduard Vilde’s crime stories titled Kuul pähe (Bullet to the Head). Vaiksoo is also an expert on German literature and has translated the works of Leo Perutz into Estonian. However, since 2000, Vaiksoo has gained renown above all for his books for children and has become one of the most popular and prolific children’s authors. Last year, he published several books; Loode-Eesti regionaalhaigla elulood (The Life Histories of the Regional Hospital of North-Western Estonia, Ärkel, 2018) brings together the stories told over six months by the patients of the rehabilitation department. In the introduction of the book, Vaiksoo calls the hospital the “cradle of decameronness”. The collection of stories Miku ja Mirjami kuus kummalist kohtumist (The Six Peculiar Encounters of Mikk and Mirjam, Ärkel, 2018) is about the reading skills and imagination of children leading them to new adventures. Jaanus Vaiksoo meets his readers with Wimberg.

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