Janne Teller

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Janne Teller (1964) is an Danish writer with Austrian and German heritage. Having worked for the UN and the European Union before becoming a writer and moved around the world, it is no wonder that Teller’s works address the most urgent global issues of our civilisation, whether philosophical, psychological, social or environmental. Teller is also a remarkable essayist and her works touch upon the inevitable topics of the Western mindset – multiculturalism, democracy, human rights, etc. Her first novel Odin’s Island was published in 1999 and it skillfully combines Scandinavian mythology and modern phenomena, such as religious fanaticism, environmental protection and geopolitical games. Her best known book is the young adult novel Nothing (Intet, 2000). It is notable that it was briefly banned in ultraliberal Denmark, but has now become a part of compulsory reading lists. The story centres on 13-year-old seventh grader Pierre-Anthon, who realises the pointlessness of life at one moment, which is why he gives up on social ties and climbs a tree and remains there. His classmates become angry at him and try to lure him down, bringing all sorts of things they consider meaningful to the foot of the tree. Predictably, the story that has a humorous undercurrent becomes increasingly dark and violent. Teller’s writing can be characterised as ‘fearless’.

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Date Event Name Location
Thursday, 25 May at 14:00 Janne Teller and Helena Kostenok (balcony hall) Estonian Children's Literature Centre
Thursday, 25 May at 12:00 Janne Teller and Helena Kostenok (balcony hall) Estonian Children's Literature Centre

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