Kaisa Ling Thing

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The musical project Kaisa Ling Thing is headed by Estonian singer and literary scholar Kaisa Ling (1990). In her interpretations of literature, she is inspired by magical realism and in a way, her band Kaisa Ling Thing can be called a magical endeavour that evokes an exotic musical style relatively unknown in these parts, vaudeville blues – music that had an impact on the cultural life in the United States in the 1920s. As the lead singer, Kaisa Ling interprets mainly the works of black female singers, which allows her to put on a great show and touch on social issues, such as violence against women and emancipation. The music is complemented by zesty lyrics and the powerful voice of Kaisa Ling, as well as her impressive and charismatic stage presence that sees her defy all kinds of stereotypes. In 2018, the band released the first vaudeville blues album titled Nii kole mees and in 2021, Kaisa Ling Thing released their second album, Läänemure lained.  

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Date Event Name Location
Friday, 27 May at 21:00 Kaisa Ling Thing Kellertheatre

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