Krisztina Tóth

Krisztina Tóth (1967) is a Hungarian poet, prose writer, translator and artist. She is one of the most popular modern Hungarian writers who has published around 40 books, including prose, poetry, drama and children’s literature. Her writing combines an illusionless approach to people and society and absurd humour. Tóth fearlessly writes about the unfairness, hypocrisy, and manipulations in modern society, painting grotesque images dipped into black humour of modern life in Central Europe. Estonian translations include Tóth’s children’s book Mummy Had an Operation, in which she characteristically does not close her eyes to cancer, and the collection of short stories Pixel, a network of thirty stories linked by coincidences and breakups, the strange, yet real pattern of relationships. Krisztina Tóth will speak to translator Lea Kreinin.

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Date Event Name Location
Sunday, 2 June at 13:00 Krisztina Toth and Lea Kreinin Estonian Writers’ Union

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