Maian Kärmas

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Maian Kärmas (1978) is an Estonian composer, singer, journalist, and, since 2023, a writer, because she published her debut Manilundila. The work centres on nine-year-old Emmi, who lives with her mother and grandmother in a grand mansion full of pictures of their ancestors. She befriends a slightly older boy named Martin and together set off to discover the complicated life that turns a child into an adult. Manilundila took a long time to complete, in real life, Emmi is older than in the book because Kärmas wrote the first words about her as early as 2012, shortly before the release of her album Õnneleid – she wanted to relieve the anxiety related to presenting new music and decided to do it by writing, which is why Emmi suddenly appeared. Definitely worth the wait, the book combines the childish adventurous world with more serious topics that are important to adults as well, such as loneliness, rejection, school bullying, postpartum depression, and safety. Through her book, Kärmas tried to find an answer to the complicated question: when are children old enough to discuss difficult things with them? Maian Kärmas will speak to children’s author Liis Sein.

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Wednesday, 29 May at 10:00 Maian Kärmas and Liis Sein Estonian Children's Literature Centre

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