Marco Viale

Marco Viale is n Italian writer and artist. Having experimented in various creative fields (painting, ceramics, photography, architecture), he discovered his calling as a book illustrator and storyteller, which has brought him considerable success. His award-winning book La città dei lupi blu (2020) is a witty parable that resonates with the adage “A man is a wolf to another man”. As is well known, wolves actually stick together, just as the wolves in Viale’s book, who live in an entirely blue world. However, suddenly, a red wolf appears in their midst, followed by a yellow wolf. This way, Viale can skilfully explore the topics of belonging and characteristics, and point out the unresolvable issues of individuality and universality in a way children can understand.

Performs at

Date Event Name Location
Thursday, 26 May at 12:00 Marco Viale Estonian Children's Literature Centre
Thursday, 26 May at 10:00 Marco Viale Estonian Children's Literature Centre

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