Martin Algus

Martin Algus (1973) is an Estonian actor, playwright, theatre producer and screenwriter. He has worked as an actor in theatre as well as television; in 1997-2005 he worked at the Ugala theatre as an actor and dramaturgist, but he has also acted in films and popular television series, such as Ühikarotid (Dorm rats) and Mendid (Cops). The latter was actually conceived by Algus. He has also written screenplays for many other popular television series. In 2007, the play Janu (Thirst) that deals with alcoholism shared first prize at the Estonian Theatre Agency drama competition, and the work that was awarded second prize, the youth play Ise oled! (Takes One to Know One!) was also written by Algus. In 2009, he repeated his success at the competition when first prize was awarded to his Postmodernsed leibkonnad (Postmodern Households), which deals with the problems and opportunities of the modern family. Algus is also a remarkable translator who has translated dozens of plays from English and Russian, mostly new drama. His translation work has brought him the Kurtna Translation Prize of the Estonian Theatre Union. Our festival hosts Algus as a prose writer – his debut Midagi tõelist (Something Real), which also has a drama version, is inspired by a real-life blackmailing case. In March, the novel won the Eduard Vilde Literary Award and the Prose Prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment. Martin Algus talks to writer Tiit Aleksejev.

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