Nathalie Papin

Nathalie Papin is a French playwright, one of the most notable representatives of contemporary young French drama. Her first play Mange-moi was published in 1996; she has written a total of 17 plays by now. Papin’s play Léonie et Noélie won the ARTCENA grand prix for young drama in 2016 and in 2018, Karelle Prugnand produced the same play at the prestigious Avignon Festival, where it garnered a lot of attention. Nathalie Papin can write her stories succinctly and insightfully, she chooses her words carefully, yet despite this – or perhaps thanks to this – she unfolds unique worlds inspired by dense symbols, metaphors, myths and archetypes. Thanks to the cooperation of the Estonian Writers’ Union, La Chartreuse Creative Residence and the French Institute, Nathalie Papin will be in Estonia in May 2024 as part of an Estonian-French residency programme. Nathalie Papin will talk to translator Reeli Pärn.

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Date Event Name Location
Wednesday, 29 May at 14:00 Nathalie Papin Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences

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