Niall De Búrca

Photograph by Eamon Ward

Niall De Búrca is considered among the best Irish storytellers. De Búrca keeps the Irish storytelling tradition alive, performing in theatres, festivals and on the radio, and actively works with children and young people – the workshops of his innovative school programme Storytelling as a Tool of Education are very popular. The stories of De Búrca have drawn inspiration from across the world, especially in New Zealand where he lived for several years. He has also aimed to expand the possibilities of storytelling by interpreting figurative art, mainly the famous surrealist Max Ernst and kinetic artist Len Lye. In addition to the educational and aesthetic aspects, De Búrca has approached storytelling as a tool for social reconciliation when he used his talent to create an association of 50 schools in Ulster.   

Performs at

Date Event Name Location
Saturday, 28 May at 20:00 Niall De Burca Kellertheatre

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